Steak with Black Truffle Sauce

Written by: Georgina Ingham | Posted: 03-03-2009

They don’t look much do they? Black truffles, but they sure do taste gorgeous. I ate plenty of truffles during my all too long ago stay in Assisi, the formed the flavour basis of scrambled eggs, omelettes, pasta sauces, crostini toppings to name but a few.  Being a sensible foodie I made sure to bring plenty home with me too and although I’m down to my last jar I’m pretty pleased that I’ve managed to keep from eating them all any quicker.

One of my most memorable truffle enhanced meals was eaten at Grotta Antica just off the Piazza del Comune (Assisi’s main square), I began with crostini (with truffle topping), followed with linguine with a pesto sauce, my main course was a beef steak in a creamy truffle sauce and I finished with a lemon panna cotta I think.

The steak was truly amazing, gorgeous char-grilled tender meat enveloped in a rich, cream sauce dotted with black truffle. Such a simple meal, but so well cooked and such a good flavour combination.

When my Dad came home from the butchers on Saturday with a glorious piece of fillet steak I knew immediately what was going to happen to it! Can you guess? Yes, you’ve got it steak in truffle sauce. So that’s what we had last night, along with a few herby potato wedges and it certainly lived up to expectations, nothing can beat the earthiness of the truffle alongside the rich depth of the rare meat, to be offset by the almost bland cream.

I’m not going to write out a recipe, there simply is no need as all you do is cook a piece of steak to your liking and meanwhile heat some cream in a saucepan until it reduces by half and add truffle (finely diced or slivered) to taste. Season well before serving. Simplicity at its best.

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