Bavarian Mustard

Written by: Georgina Ingham | Posted: 07-11-2008

You might remember sometime back that I mentioned my Dad was away in Germany on a business trip, well I’ve finally managed to get round to blogging about it. My Dad works for ThyssenKrupp Stainless UK Ltd, a company who have branches throughout Europe including Germany, hence the trip.

Despite my Dad not having all that much time in Germany, barely two days in fact; he still managed to shop for a few bits for me. The lovely Nanette over on a forum I frequent had given me lots of great suggestions and ideas but it was a suggestion of Pistachio that was stuck in the forefront of my mind – a  creamy Bavarian mustard typically served with sausages and other hot meats.

When my Dad went out for dinner that evening at a traditional Bavarian restaurant this type of mustard was served with the meal (out of interest my dad had lots of different cuts of pork including loin, cheek and sausages with sauerkraut), he mentioned my wish for him to bring back some of this mustard to his German colleague Rene Semrau – so that he could find out a name for it and then go looking at the shops; and Rene so kindly bought him some from the restaurant! What an utterly lovely gesture.

The mustard is pale in colour, sweet but fiery too with a gentle aftertaste of horseradish, absolutely stunning; thanks to Lorraine for mentioning it in the first place, thank you to Dad for bringing some and thank you to his very kind colleagues for the lovely gesture.

I included a tablespoon or so of the delightful mustard in some fish cakes, after reading about Hugh Fearnley Wittingstall doing the same and it works so well. I was worried the flavour might overpower the delicate fish but it doesn’t at all, in fact it brings out the fishes natural flavour and enhances it beautifully. As you can see in the photograph, I served the fish cakes with their perfect partner chips and parsley sauce.

Rene also bought Dad some Hövel’s beer whilst at the restaurant, one bottle we’re saving for Christmas time or another more ‘special’ occasion but we decided to open the other to have with the dinner. Now I’m not one for beer really, stout and peroni type beers yes but not heavy, malty ones; I did however really enjoy the Hövel’s, it wasn’t too heavy or bitter but not too bubbly either, just lovely.

Other delights brought home included gorgeous chocolates and honey.

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