Fairtrade Fortnight 2010

Written by: Georgina Ingham | Posted: 23-02-2010

Sponsored Post in collaboration with Fairtrade.

Following on from my post about Fairtrade Fortnight – The Big Swap I received an email discussing fairer baking. Now I think you’re all aware of how much I love to bake and of my principles regarding ethical eating, so of course it immediately grabbed my interest.

I am rather disappointed to say I didn’t realise that two years ago, Tate & Lyle, announced plans to move its retail cane sugars range to Fairtrade with no resulting price increase to consumers. This of course was a wonderful move and in the first year alone, the switch created a return of over £2 million in Fairtrade premiums for cane farmers. If only more companies would do the same.

To encourage fairer baking, Tate & Lyle along with cupcake queen and author Lily Vanilli, have developed a trio of delicious and unusual recipes using Fairtrade ingredients, and of course, I am delighted to share them with you.

I haven’t had the spare time to get baking yet, but I will be trying out the recipes and will of course feedback about them here.

I hope that you will also feel able to support Fairtrade Fortnight through your blogs and encourage “Fair” baking during the run up to Fairtrade Fortnight. Maybe you would also try one of Lily’s recipes with a view to sharing the results with your readers?

After all, what could leave a better taste in one’s mouth than a delicious cake made from fairly traded ingredients?!

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