Needwood Ice Cream

Written by: Georgina Ingham | Posted: 30-05-2010

When you think of Staffordshire’s culinary heritage what springs to mind? Oatcakes, Burton on Trent’s beers? Branston pickle?

Well one things for sure I’m sure it isn’t ice cream.

Needwood Farm produce award winning (gold medal at the National Ice Cream competition) hand finished dairy ice creams made with fresh milk, cream, egg yolks, fruit purees, natural flavourings and liqueurs.Whatever you fancy they have an ice cream that’ll suit your mood, from a rather sumptuous vanilla to perky honey and ginger, to soothing childhood nostalgia inducing mint choc chip, they have them all and then some.

They’re delightful goodies can be bought direct from the farm or via retail outlets.

Much as I could give in to my teenage way of devouring ice cream (preferably containing chocolate) – huddled on the sofa, spooning the ice cream into me direct from the carton – I generally do now manage to turn ice cream into something of a proper dessert. My favourite right now is to serve lots of fresh fruits with either vanilla or lightly flavoured ice cream, chocolate for some reason unbeknown to me just doesn’t appeal.

Given that Needwood Farm is only a short drive away for me I reckon I’ll be buying plenty more ice cream. Well one has to support local business don’t they? Waistline withstanding that is

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