Greek Style Yogurt

Written by: Georgina Ingham | Posted: 06-07-2010

I love Greek yogurt. Other thinner bio type yogurts I could easily pass up but not the thick, creamy Greek yogurts. They make the perfect breakfast or light, healthy pudding. My favourite way to eat it is topped with a generous portion of summer fruits, cold fruit crumbles or even with a little home made jam swirled through.

But, and it’s a fairly big but, pots of Greek yogurt are quite expensive to buy. Especially in the quantities I buy it in. Alas it is not only a delectable food stuff for spooning direct from pot to mouth but it is ideal in cooking too – stirred into curries, made into dips, salad dressings, the list goes on and on. It is a food of plenty :)

Imagine my delight then when I found how easy it is to make luscious Greek style yogurt at home! I had previously encountered the yogurt maker which tends to produce the thinner style yogurt more traditional of the UK but never before thought of making extra thick, extra creamy, silky yogurt.

Maybe your next carton of shop bought yogurt might well be your last? I certainly won’t be buying as much as I used too, home made is the way forward for me. Making yogurt at home is easy, no fancy equipment required. It benefits your health and your wallet.

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