Herb-y Halloumi

Written by: Georgina Ingham | Posted: 20-10-2007

Last night dinner had to be super speedy and super tasty, because, not only had the day been rather hectic, getting ready for our new arrival (an Irish Setter puppy on Sunday), but I'm currently working nights.

Now as much as I like working my night shifts I do find it absolutely essential that I come to work well fed. This may sound like a strange thing for a 'foodie' (cringe, I hate that word) to say but for any of my day shifts, I don't care if I come to work on empty. Nights for some reason are different, although I can't put my finger on the reason why.

After rummaging round in the fridge and cupboards seeking inspiration I decided on a very simple but cheerful salad of griddled halloumi and mixed herbs. It screams summer and after the cold, wet day I was screaming out for summer food too. The added bonus was that I managed to salvage lots of fresh herbs from the garden before they ended up in the compost bin. 

No recipe is really required, just griddle as much halloumi as you need and then scatter with soft herbs; I used a variety of mints, parsley and a few chives.

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