Bring on the BBQ Challenge

Written by: Georgina Ingham | Posted: 01-09-2011

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There’s more to barbecues than paper plates, tepid rosé, brown lettuce, burnt burgers and dodgy chicken. A lot more. I am an avid fan of the BBQ – there’s something rather magical about cooking over charcoal, maybe it’s the cave person in me?

Thanks to Tesco Real Food I am now the owner of a fabulous hot pink BBQ, cheers guys! And it was put to good use the other day. Yes I spotted the sun and got out there to make the most of it; lets face it summer in the UK has been rather poor in the weather stakes this year.

Tesco BBQ

I went for the Indian Summer vibe and cooked tandoori chicken with some parathas and lots & lots of lovely fresh from the garden salad.  Cooling cucumber raita is of course essential.

BBQ Tandoori Chicken


Cooling Cucumber Raita

For a BBQ pudding I took inspiration from Nigella Lawson and barbecued some slices of pineapple to serve with some pistachio kulfi, although I confess I didn’t make it.

Tesco are challenging customers to upload their best BBQ recipes to the Real Food website for the chance to be crowned the BBQ King or Queen.

Why don’t you head on over the the BBQ Challenge and get some more recipe inspiration and of course help prove that the girls are better than guys at BBQ cooking. I mean, come on, that’s right isn’t it?

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