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Written by: Georgina Ingham | Posted: 24-07-2012

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Well, it is now that summer has finally decided to arrive, fingers crossed that the warm, sunny weather decides to stay. I just love being able to spend time taking my dogs on long, leisurely country walks, spending time in the garden with friends and family or relaxing (or working) in my quiet garden hideaway.


After the not so flaming June we’ve just had, I think it’s only fair that we make the most of the decent weather and for me that means one thing: Barbeque!

There’s more to barbecues than paper plates, tepid rosé, brown lettuce, burnt burgers and dodgy chicken. A lot more. I am an avid fan of the BBQ – there’s something rather magical about cooking over charcoal.

Much as I love a good traditional burger or sausage on the BBQ, I tend to cook foods such spicy kebabs, tandoori chicken or very simply done fish BBQ – I’m a strong believer that seafood needs so little done to it, just a little salt, pepper and spritz of citrus is delightful.

Laverstoke Buffalo Burgers

So invite some friends and family around and get that barbeque out. Go on, what are you waiting for? The summer won’t be here forever!

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