Wellington Slice

Written by: Georgina Ingham | Posted: 25-08-2008

Located down bustling Suffolk Street (and no the above photo is not Suffolk Street it’s the Ha’penny Bridge, Droichead na Leathphingine in Irish, and is the quintessential Dublin photograph to me) is a Dublin institution, the wonderful Avoca Cafe, certainly it is a well loved place by many, myself included.

I’ve eaten at the Avoca Cafe several times on my many trips to lovely city of Dublin but until recently had avoided buying the associated cookbooks, don’t ask me why because I really couldn’t tell you. Anyway I have both The Avoca Cookbook (Hugo Arnold & Georgia Glynn) and The Avoca Cookbook Book 2 (Hugo Arnold), both of which are wonderful books full of lovely recipes, stunning photography and great memory stirring writing.

The first sweet thing to be made from The Avoca Cookbook Book 2 (Hugo Arnold) was Wellington Square which is basically a shortbread base topped with caramel and topped again by chocolate.

After a lot of “umming” & “ahhing” I decided to top the slice with 70% dark chocolate. It was a great decision as the slightly bitter aftertaste of the chocolate really cut through the sweetness of the caramel. I think milk chocolate would just make this kind of slice rather sickly.

I topped the slice with a little, well alright then quite a large beehive of clotted cream when I served this as a dessert. It wasn’t strictly needed as the Wellington slice itself is rather rich but nobody was complaining either so it couldn’t have been too bad a choice.

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