Morning Rolls

Written by: Georgina Ingham | Posted: 12-08-2008

How could I have missed out on making Morning Rolls?

I found the recipe on Brenda’s fabulous blog Tea & Wheaten Bread while on a bit of a search to find a quick and simple recipe for bread baps and oh am I so glad I did.

I wanted something really quick and easy because as I’m working the night shift this week at work I am not up and around as early in the mornings as usual, today I got up to find we’d no bread for dinner (bacon sandwiches). The options – bake some myself or make do with ‘plastic sliced’ from the corner shop which is not something I’m prepared to do.

These morning rolls were so quick and simple I just couldn’t believe it, five minutes in the kitchen aid and a couple of hours in total to rise and bake, making them not only delicious but a great standby too.

Brenda recommends eating these with a runny fried egg, so how could I not? Crispy bacon and a runny yolk fried egg dribbling down your chin, what could be a better breakfast (or dinner in my case)? 

They’ll definitely be a regular feature here!

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