Spaghetti with Lobsters

Written by: Georgina Ingham | Posted: 16-07-2008

Lobsters have become somewhat a luxury item haven’t they, and this seems to have caused some need for chefs to get ultra-creative with them, why??? What is wrong with cooking them simply so as to enjoy their own natural flavours and sweetness to the fullest? It is one culinary thing I just don’t understand.

So having brought plenty of these luscious lovelies back from Norfolk I wanted to make the most out of them. I had a craving for pasta last night and decided to combine the two items, turning to Giorgio Locatelli’s book Made in Italy: Food & Stories for inspiration.

The result was outstanding – spaghetti with a delicate tomato sauce dotted with shrimps and lobster pieces, utter seafood heaven on a plate. No recipe is to be found here because there really isn’t the need; simply fry a little garlic and a peperoncino in some olive oil, add diced tomato, lobster and shrimp then toss through the cooked pasta, simplicity itself.

The brand of pasta I used was De Cecco, which is of fantastic quality and is easily available in most supermarkets and grocery stores too, which is always a bonus. Although it may sound strange, fresh pasta just wouldn’t have worked here; you need the bite that comes from the dried variety.

Although there was a slight hint of chili in the sauce (coming from the one peperoncino) it didn’t interfere with the delicacy of the seafood at all, in fact along with the slight acidity of the tomatoes it positively enhanced it.

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