Melting Moments

Written by: Georgina Ingham | Posted: 02-05-2008

Rachel Allen’s Melting Moments are a force to be reckoned with.

Sweet buttery disks of shortbread type cookie which are most often sandwiched together with buttercream. I however decided to be different topping them with a little spoon of melted chocolate and frosted flower petals, specifically rose and violets.

I always use salted butter in these types of recipes, unless specified otherwise, with an explanation as to why; because I love the slight tangy edge the salt leaves behind.  The key is to use the best butter you can lay your hands on because the flavour really does come through in cookies as simple as these.

I love the way the frosted flowers add a hint of extra sweetness, flavour change and change in texture – they really liven these cookies up, especially when paired with the dark chocolate.

All in all you end up with a deep savoury, salty, sweet treat.  A real joy to eat.

Great with a cup of tea or coffee for mid morning or mid afternoon snack, just be aware not to make them when on your own because you will eat the tray full.

You shouldn’t feel at all guilty though.  Since all you’ve done is melt into the moment.

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