The Matthew Hayden Cookbook 2

Written by: Georgina Ingham | Posted: 21-02-2008

My wonderful friend Sally in Australia sent me a surprise gift containing a fabulous book, tea towel and gorgeous card to cheer me up a bit.  

I didn’t realise I’d been so obviously down but I have been feeling a little less bright than usual recently. stress with family health, work becoming a chore and life generally not having quite enough hours in the day than needed had left me feeling a bit lethargic and lackluster.  

However in the roller-coaster of life the ups and downs are all par for the course and with one generally comes the other, and usually very close to one another.  Now I’ve realized that with a bit of planning my time can be much more effective and that I don’t have to fit everything into one day, my spirits are beginning to lift again. So enough about me and back to the wonderful book.   

The Matthew Hayden Cookbook 2

The Matthew Hayden Cookbook 2 (Matthew Hayden) is more than just a collection of recipes, it is an insight into this Australian cricketers life. The photography is absolutely stunning too.  Although I admit I’m not a follower of cricket, but I have really enjoyed reading through Matthew’s memories of matches and the food he associates with them.  

It’ll be a major challenge to decide what to cook first, but when I do I’ll write about it here.

Now I’m off to make a cup of tea, put my feet up and thoroughly read this book.

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