Totally Chocolate, Chocolate Chip Cookies

Written by: Georgina Ingham | Posted: 16-01-2008

The amazing Ilana sent me a wonderful Christmas present – Dean & Deluca cocoa powder – unfortunately due to our slow postal systems it only arrived yesterday but fortunately it came just as I was due a day off work, great timing or what?

Thank you, thank you, thank you Ilana for this lovely gift. 

Dean & Deluca is a chain of upscale grocery stores. The first one was established in New York City by Joel Dean and Giorgio DeLuca in September 1977. 

The store is reportedly a favourite of Nigella Lawson and it was with this in mind that I began to plan the cocoas unveiling.  As you can tell from my earlier posts this month I’ve made rather a lot of cakes, so cookies it had to be.  Chocolaty, gooey but crisp cookies. I toyed with the idea of the Chocolate Mint Cookies but I didn’t want the flavour of the D&D cocoa to be interfered with too much, for pure unadulterated chocolate, it had to be the Totally Chocolate, Chocolate Chip Cookies from Nigella Express (Nigella Lawson).

They weren’t the most attractive cookies but they were totally delicious.  Very moist and sticky under a crisp and crunchy coating, exactly as the ‘all American’ cookies should be, as opposed to the crisp and crunchy biscuit found in the UK.

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